Mid-South Project Package . . . till they all come home!

Come join us at Project Package.  We look forward to meeting you!

  Rickey Pope  662-284-8108   PROJECTPACKAGE@ATT.NET

Project Package is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that sends a monthly care package to our local mid-south service members.  It is our way of letting them know we have not forgotten them and how much we appreciate them.

We pack boxes every Thursday night from 
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm.

Located at the National Guard armory,
385 Stateline Road W., Suite 2
Southaven, Mississippi

Please mail donations to:
Project Package
385 Stateline Road, Suite 2
Southaven, MS 38671
P. O. Box 856
Corinth, MS 38835


Selmer, TN:  Cash "N" Dash, 265 Mulberry Ave. 

Corinth, MS:  The National Guard armory
S. Harper Rd., across from the Crossroads Arena

Plaza Dry Cleaners, 2004 Robinson Dr., Corinth, MS

State Farm Ins., 401 N Fillmore, Fillmore & Cruise

Southaven, MS:  The National Guard armory 385 Stateline Rd. W.

You may drop off items anytime during regular business hours or when we are packing boxes.  

Mr. Pope,


I hope this e-mail finds you, your family and your organization well and healthy. I received your package today on a hill in Kosovo. It's cold and isolated hence the name Nothing Hill. There is nothing here. The days here pass excruciatingly slow. There is limited contact with the rest of our Task Force and even less with our families back home. We are occasionally brought back to enjoy a warm bunk and a hot meal. We can then check our e-mail and make calls to home. I would like to personally thank you and your organization for everything that you do. If you ever lose motivation, just know that your efforts are not in vain.  I have witnessed some of these
soldiers actually brought to tears when they receive these packages; especially, when it has a taste of home. I really enjoyed the Desoto magazine.  I cannot thank you and your organization enough. I was just running out of toothpaste on the hill. We don't have access to a PX up here so I enjoyed the candy too. There was an argument over the toilet paper...Lol. We came to an agreement, though. We all used it until it was gone. You'd be surprised what you miss when you don't have it.
I don't know how to repay you for the light that you and your organization bring to this place of perpetual darkness. You are all included in my
prayers. May God keep you and bless you with overflowing abundance of health, wealth and long life.
Willie Smith
TF Saber


You may now donate online at www.givegab.com/nonprofits/ms-project-package  click on "donate" or "project package adopt a soldier", then enter your payment info.

Check out
www.smile.amazon.com and go to community, type in MS Project Package, Amazon with donate to MS ProjectPacakge to assist in sending packages to out Troops overseas

Support our Troops while purchasing groceries at Kroger by logging in to www.kroger.com, click on my account, click on acct setting, click on community rewards, click edit community rewards, enter MS Project Package, click on button for MS Project Package 81143, click save.  For more details contact us.

Did you know that Christmas is not the only time of year we send out care packages?  We make sure our service members know we have not forgotten them, by sending out care packages each month.

Right now, there are many of our local service members deployed.  We have around 600 names on our list.  We will need continued help with item donations and money for postage.  The greatest need being money for postage.  May we suggest that your company, your family or you adopt a service member?  For more information, see below:

Adopting a Service Member:

6 Months = $72

12 Months = $144

It cost approximately $12 per box to mail.

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